Joe & Ainsley – Engagement Photos and Why We Love Them

Joe & Ainsley – Engagement Photos and Why We Love Them


7 years ago in university, Joe fell smitten for “the new girl”, Ainsley. After fixing beds, creating campfires on the beach, and having three hour-long phone conversations, they had become a couple. I absolutely adored these two and their love for each other on their wedding day. But first, their engagement photos we had taken prior to their wedding at Rockway Gardens in Kitchener were seriously dreamy.

When I first met Joe and Ainsley and they had chosen me to photograph their big day, they actually weren’t planning on getting engagement photos taken. While I completely understood that they just plain out weren’t interested this type of session, I still thought, well why not? Let’s just do it for the fun of it! Eventually with my (amazing) persuasion they caved, and a few months later they had decided Rockway Gardens in the summer was just too beautiful to pass up. And off we went!

I love engagement photos. Why? It allows me to learn about you and your significant other, without the hustle and bustle of a wedding day. I get to see first hand how you interact with each other in a way that is true to yourselves. Not only that, but you also get to learn about me, and how I photograph, how I pose you, how I work, how we will work together, the list goes on. Think of it as a practice session for the big day. Everyone is happy and comfortable, and in my opinion, that is a big bonus for your investment in wedding photos!

Besides… who doesn’t want a couple super cute photos of you and your significant other just being yourselves? Here are a few shots of the couple featured in this post 🙂 and through my excitement of having them do this session with me before their wedding day, they had printed out some of their faves to display at their reception. BONUS!!

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